We will love these days.

Dear Young Friends.

We are excited to meet you all at the XVI Triennial Congress of the World Federation of Friends Museums. Thanks to the Italian Young Friends and the FIDAM – Federazione Italiana degli Amici dei Musei – we can expect four great speakers and also a diverse cultural program in the cities of Verona and Mantua.


Practical Tips.

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Our program in a nutshell.

YFs Program

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thursday 18th, at 7.30 pm, we’ll meet in Mantova for a cocktail and a concert offered by the Italians friends of Museums: it will be a great occasion to get to know each other and start our four days in Italy together

7.30 PM
Registration and Welcome cocktail

Mantova, Palazzo dell’Accademia
Via Accademia 47 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

The Palazzo dell’Accademia, by Giuseppe Piermarini, was the seat of the Royal Academy of Science, Literature and Art, under the tutelage of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. The upper floor houses the beautiful Accademici meeting room, also known as Piermarini room, designed in 1775 by architect Paolo Pozzo. Three large canvases by Hubert Maurer celebrate the Imperial Family.

8.45 PM
Concert in honour of the WFFM

Mantova, Teatrino Scientifico dell’Accademia
Via Accademia 47 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Concert performed by: Società della Musica, Grandi Interpreti, Franci Duroy, violin Agnès Melchior, piano. Music from Saint-Saëns, Debussy, Bartok, Ysaÿe, Schumann

Palazzo dell'Accademia - Mantova

Palazzo dell’Accademia, Mantova

Friday, 19 May


9.30 AM
Mantova, Teatrino Scientifico dell’Accademia

Via Accademia 47{Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Topic: Communication and the Media for the benefit of cultural heritage

The first workshop of the Congress will be focused on the development of new form of communication for culture and museums. This item is one of the most interesting topic for Young Friends associations which a lot of our projects and activities are based on. We’re all invited to participate in debate with experts and professionals from Museums and IT enterprises.

Teatro dell’Accademia was commissioned by Mantova academics to architect and stage designer Antonio Galli Bibiena in 1767 to hold scientific exhibitions, cultural conferences, and musical performances. The superb Baroque architect conceived a stunning theatre hall in the shape of a bell, with 3 tiers of boxes, which he personally decorated with monochrome frescoes. Thanks to the perfect acoustics, this theatre is one of the most coveted venues among chamber musicians for their performances and recording sessions. A few months after the opening, a thirteen-year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed in this venue. His father Leopold wrote his wife that he had seen ͞the most beautiful theatre in the world.

2.30 AM
Mantova, Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te: A treasure hunt in the 16th century

Viale Te 13 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Palazzo Te is considered the masterpiece of Giulio Romano. The main architecture and the palaces decorative structure were inspired by the Roman domus, and were entirely made between 1525 and 1535 in an area right outside of the city and commissioned for the “leisurely time” of Federico II Gonzaga. In spite of the several restoration projects over the centuries, Palazzo Te is one of the most outstanding and better-preserved Renaissance buildings of Europe.

5.00 AM
Mantova, Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale and Farewell Cocktail

Piazza Sordello 40 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Palazzo Ducale is one of the most articulate, layered and extraordinary examples of western hemisphere art and history. This huge building was the sumptuous seat of the Signoria for centuries; a place always abreast of art avant-gardes, so much that many of its corners can be considered true manifestos of European cultural art between the XV and the XVII century.

Saturday, 20 MAY


9.00 AM
Verona, Sala Maffeiana
Piazza Bra 28 – {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Topic: Friends of museums from the museums perspective

This workshop, the second for the YFs, will be focused on the relationship between Museums and their friends. Following this round table, the YFs will meet in order to present the activities of each group and debate on the writing of the “Charter of Verona”, that will state the rules of the International YF Feederation.


Exclusive for Young Friends Clubs Officials

11.00 AM
Verona, Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti
Cortile Mercato Vecchio 6 – {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

Sala Maffeiana is part of the original layout of Teatro Filarmonico dating back to the middle of the XVIII century. The main opera house of Verona has been owned since its inception by Accademia Filarmonica, a cultural institute founded in 1543. The painter Filippo Maccari made the frescoes in the main hall. A very young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed here in 1770.

Teatro Filarmonico - Verona
Teatro Filarmonico - Verona

3.00 PM
Verona, Museo di Castelvecchio

Corso Castelvecchio 2 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}


8.00 PM
Verona, Villa Pellegrini

Via Villa Pellegrini, Grezzana (VR) {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}


We’ll visit together Castelvecchio Museum, located in the castle the Scaliger family and built after 1354. The current layout was made by Carlo Scarpa who, between 1957 and 1964 transformed and impressed his own original style on the entire building and the arrangement of the collection it treasures: great masterpieces of sculpture and painting from Medieval time to the XVIII century. And then… join out pARTy in Verona’s countryside!

Museo di Castelvecchio - Verona
Museo di Castelvecchio - Verona

10.00 AM
Verona, Sala Maffeiana

Piazza Bra 28 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

12.30 PM
Verona, Accademia Filarmonica

Piazza Bra 28 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

3.00 PM
Verona, Arena di Verona

Piazza Bra 1 {Open in GOOGLE MAPS}

After the General Assembly, where we’ll present to the WFFM board the result of our meeting, and the farewell lunch, we’ll visit the historical centre starting from the Arena, the most significant testimony of ancient Rome civilization in Verona. Then we may visit other Verona’s highlights as Arche Scaligere, San Zeno abbey, Roman theatre, etc.

Arena - Verona
Arena - Verona
Bossi scholarship

The WFFM Luigi Bossi Scholarships are offered to assist with the cost of attendance at the XVIth WFFM International Congress in Verona: download here the application form! For Italian young friends, you must apply sending an email at info@amicideimuseidiverona.it


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